Grand Traverse County, MI – Township of Blair 2018 Water System Project Bonds General Obligation – Limited Tax

Iron occurs naturally in water and, though in limited quantities it does not pose a risk to our health, no one wants to drink discolored, metallic-tasting H2O, nor have brown stained fixtures as a result of washing.

On August 13th, 2018 Bernardi underwrote a bond issue used to finance the construction of an Iron Removal Facility for Blair Township, which is located in Grand Traverse County, MI. The facility is able to treat 300 gallons of water per minute flow for at least the next thirty years, per engineering estimates.

The bonds are General Obligation – Limited Tax primarily payable from payments from Blair Township due to Grand Traverse County, which are secured by a pledge of the full faith and credit of the Township. The full faith and credit of the County is also pledged for the payment of the principal and interest on the bonds. The ability of the Township and the County to raise funds with which to meet such full faith and credit pledge is subject to applicable statutory and constitutional tax limitations

Bernardi is happy to support the local community and help this community attain its goal of providing clear, satisfying tasting water for Blair Township residents!


To access the preliminary official statement, please visit link below.