Disclosure & Issue Monitoring

Bernardi Securities, Inc. public finance specialists oftentimes help issuer clients monitor outstanding bond issues and assist them in meeting their disclosure requirements.

Continuing, proactive disclosure

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently revised the Continuing Disclosure Requirement to provide investors with a more comprehensive and centralized online system for issuer disclosure information. Issuer’s requirements must be met through the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system.

This is a time consuming and often confusing process for many issuers. Recognizing the difficulties issuers face with these heightened rules, Bernardi Securities helps issuers obtain and file the necessary information to meet their filing requirements.

Life of the bond issue

Bernardi principals and public finance specialists often follow an issuer long after it issues debt. Annual reports and financial statements are regularly reviewed, monitored and retained in our files. We often visit issuer clients in person long after bond issues have been underwritten and placed with our investor clients.

The Bernardi municipal credit department maintains credit files, interim financial reports, Bernardi CreditView reports and general news items concerning issuer clients.

Because of this ongoing attention and commitment, our issuer clients, their attorneys, and accountants oftentimes seek our assistance when questions arise – months and years after the initial financing.