Mission & Values

Our mission has remained the same since our founding – specialize in the municipal bond market to deliver superior performance for clients.

In 1961, Edward Bernardi co-founded a municipal bond firm in Chicago. Ed served as president and CEO until 1984 when he sold his interest and founded Bernardi Securities, Inc. along with his son Ronald and other key employees from the original firm. In 1989, Ed assumed the role of chairman for Bernardi Securities and Ron became president and CEO.

Bernardi Securities was founded on the belief that municipal bond expertise is an essential component for delivering consistent municipal bond portfolio returns. That was true more than 50 years ago when Ed Bernardi began his career and it is still true in today’s complex marketplace.

Core Bernardi values:

  • Municipal market expertise – Remain experts in our area of the bond market through in-depth research, continuing education and plain hard work
  • Excel at core market competencies – Excel at the core functions of municipal market specialization: in-house credit analysis and portfolio management services, proprietary fixed income issues, and in-house investment banking expertise
  • Principal oversight – Firm principals are engaged in the daily operating of the business
  • Honest client service – Serve our clients honestly and forthrightly
  • Clear communication & education – Maintain timely, clear, and educational communication with our clients
  • Above average performance – Constantly endeavor to achieve above average performance for our clients
  • Consistent employee commitment – Ensure each and every employee of Bernardi Securities understands and conducts business in a manner consistent with our mission