Debt Issuance Planning

Planning municipal debt issuance is time consuming and complex. Bernardi Securities Inc. public finance specialists help issuers explore debt issuance options – from debt refinancing to private-public partnerships and credit ratings – to develop an innovative plan.

Well-researched debt issuance options

Bernardi Securities helps local governments and school districts develop debt issuance plans, oftentimes offering various financing alternatives. A principal of the firm closely monitors each phase of the planning process and is available to meet and discuss these alternatives.

We evaluate your financial goals and objectives, analyze your current financial position and economic base, and evaluate alternative bond structuring and sizing options. The Bernardi public finance team will also meet with elected officials to discuss bond issue details and implications.

Comprehensive plan recommendations

Upon completion of debt issuance studies, Bernardi recommends efficient and practical plan options to consider. Factors including market timing, debt repayment schedules, cash flow sufficiency, capitalized interest needs, revenue stream and expense projections, and redemption features are taken into consideration.

Bernardi public finance helps municipalities:

  • Choose a sensible debt service scenario – Debt service options are developed for your consideration and specific schedules are recommended based on your needs and payment capabilities.
  • Obtain credit ratings & bond insurance – When preparing for interviews with rating agencies and bond insurers, issuer clients are supported by the specialized analytical depth of the Bernardi municipal credit department, which has decades of experience exploring credit-enhancing options for issuer clients.