Document Preparation Support

One of the more time-intensive phases of municipal debt issuance is document preparation, which requires a well-synchronized finance team. Bernardi Securities, Inc. public finance specialists collaborate closely with issuer attorneys and advisors to coordinate document preparation.

Local and bond attorney coordination

Bernardi Securities coordinates the compilation of transcript material with client bond attorneys to help ensure the correct implementation of the debt issuance plan. We work closely with local attorneys, bond and disclosure counsel to facilitate the bond issuance process for our issuer clients.

Official statement assistance

Bernardi assists with the preparation of the official statement to be used in the marketing of the obligations. Information is gathered and researched by our staff to help issuers prepare official statements that include their financial, economic and demographic profile. Documents are reviewed and approved by clients, their advisors and bond attorneys before printing and distribution.

Legal transcript and final documents

We help coordinate the collection of transcript material to help ensure prompt distribution of issue proceeds to the client on settlement day. We assist in forwarding closing documents to the issuer upon completion of the financing.