Village of Cameron | Barron County, Wisconsin | $2,105,000 Series 2024A, General Obligation Promissory Notes

In June of 2024, the Village of Cameron, WI issued bank qualified tax-exempt General Obligation Promissory Notes. These notes were issued for the financing of street improvements, building maintenance, and for the city to purchase new equipment. Bernardi Securities was proud to be the underwriter, as deals like this help advance and grow communities.

In the Village of Cameron’s June 2024 Newsletter, they mention the start of roadwork projects will begin in 2024 and continue for the next few years. “These projects will make for better street surfaces and safer travel around the village.” These public projects were made possible because of the bonds the Village of Cameron issued.

The bonds are rated “AA” (Stable Outlook) by Standard and Poor’s due to Build American Mutual (BAM) insurance. The issue carried no underlying rating. Prior to Cameron’s 2024 issuance, they issued $1,645,000 of Promissory Notes in 2020 to provide financing for street improvements and other public projects.

Bernardi Securities is happy to support local communities like Cameron and give them a platform to raise funds for public improvements.