BAM now listed on Envestnet | PMC

We are proud to announce Bernardi Asset Management (BAM) is now listed as a specialized asset manager on Envestnet | PMC. BAM is part of a select group of SMA municipal bond managers featured on this platform.

Thank you for your continued confidence in our portfolio management expertise. Please give your investment specialist or the portfolio management team a call if you have any questions.


Bernardi Securities Portfolio Management Team

About BAM

Is the fee‐only, SEC registered, investment advisory arm of Bernardi Securities, Inc. (“BSI”). It is a wholly‐owned subsidiary of BSI. BAM management is conducted on a separate account, discretionary or non‐discretionary basis, with BAM serving as an investment advisor with a fiduciary duty.

About Envestnet | PMC

PMC performs rigorous due diligence on an extensive universe of investment vehicles to identify best-in-class managers: those we consider able to outperform their benchmark over a complete market cycle.

Our team applies qualitative due diligence and quantitative expertise for manager selection and ongoing monitoring.