Bernardi Securities & Bernardi Asset Management move into a new headquarters location!


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new corporate headquarters in Northfield, Illinois, one of Chicagoland’s premier northern suburbs.


Our new mailing address is:

423 Central Avenue
Northfield, Illinois 60093     

All current telephone numbers remain unchanged.

We are excited by our move because, in part, it underscores the remarkable growth and progress of our organization over the last 36 years. For nearly four decades we have maintained a singular focus on the bond market: markets are about the future which inevitably bring change.

This change for us portends an exciting future for our organization as we look and plan for the years in front of us.

We are very grateful to our loyal clients, staff members, colleagues, and strategic partners. You have all contributed to making this advancement possible. I thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the years.

Below are several interior photographs depicting a bit about our new home. Please visit us when you have the opportunity to do so.


For a number of years, the 423 Central Avenue location and the original building served as the Village‘s public library. So, there is an element of serendipity attached to our move – a municipal bond specialty firm, Bernardi Securities, Inc., which has financed thousands of libraries, schools, village/city halls, water/sewer plants, recreation facilities, county courthouses across the country – now finds itself headquartered in a building that once served a public purpose.

I imagine these past 14 months have been challenging for you. I hope the daily activities for you, your family, friends, and colleagues are improving and moving towards a “routine”.

This period was a challenge for us as well. We learned a lot about the people we serve, ourselves and our enterprise. We were tested and challenged as never before – and the potential peril we all faced was elevated to a level we had never experienced.

At times it seemed to me like we were driving a tank down the street without any side windows. We could only see straight ahead and not very far ahead, at that. And we sensed there were dangers close by, just outside our field of vision. It was quite unsettling at times.

But we relied on our training, experience, hard work and common sense.  At times, given our limited vision, we worked differently as a situation required. We applied our skill set and adjusted our route as the landscape came into view – because at times we needed to change our course a bit.

Our “Mission and Values” tell us that we work for our clients – we serve them. We take pride and feel great satisfaction in helping and working with others. And emanating from executing on our mission is a sense of stability and exceptional performance and service for our clients – even under very difficult circumstances as we have all experienced over this past year.

We are dedicated to continuing in this manner and I thank you for your continued confidence and support of our organization. Please stop by and visit with us in our new home if you have the opportunity.



Ronald P. Bernardi
President and CEO
Bernardi Securities, Inc.
May 25, 2021