Ronald Bernardi quoted in Bond Buyer 9/18/2015 Re: Issuance Costs Hit Small California School Districts Hardest

Ronald P. Bernardi was quoted in the Bond Buyer on September 18th, 2015.

“Ron Bernardi, principal, president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based Bernardi Securities, said the report may not be representative of the muni market as a whole, as it’s based on a relatively small sample.

While he acknowledged that costs have risen, Bernardi said both regulators and market participants have made the market more efficient and transparent, with much of the progress taking place in the past five or six years.

‘The typical transaction today, disclosure and professionalism is much better today,” Bernardi said. “As the market continues to evolve, disclosure counsels are new to the market now, but as they become older, the costs should start to decline.’ ”

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