Ronald Bernardi Speaking on Capitol Hill 7/2


On Wednesday, July 2nd, Ronald P. Bernardi will be speaking at the Municipal Bonds for America Coalition’s “Municipal Bonds 101” panel discussion on Capitol Hill regarding the municipal bond tax exemption repeal threat. Accompanying Ronald on the panel will be Mayor Steve Benjamin, Columbia, South Carolina and Kevin Burke, President and CEO, Airports Council International – North American. The panel will explain the “nuts and bolts” of municipal bonds to help translate the potential impact of federal legislation and costs that could fall on all taxpayers and consumers if the rules for tax-exempt municipal bonds are changed.

Tax-exempt municipal bonds help stimulate public and private investment in job creation, business, and industry expansion, economic and physical redevelopment, transportation and infrastructure, and renewable energy production, among many other projects. In fact, tax-exempt bonds are issued by over 50,000 state and local governments and authorities representing a three trillion dollar industry.

For more information, please visit the Municipal Bonds for America Coalition website.  

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