Short-Term Taxable


The Short-Term Taxable strategy is an actively managed strategy appropriate for investors seeking a hedge against rising interest rates from a high quality, diversified portfolio.  The goal of the strategy is to reduce portfolio volatility and credit risk, generate taxable income, and produce superior risk adjusted returns relative to the Barclay’s 1-5 Year Government/Credit benchmark. The strategy consists of fully discretionary, separately managed account (SMA) portfolios and holds mostly taxable securities.


Average Maturity 3.21
Modified Duration 2.79

Sector Chart

Taxable Municipals 88.64%
Certificates of Deposit 9.02%
Cash 2.34%

Portfolio Management Team

Tom Bernardi, CFA | 10 years of industry experience
John Tranas | +20 years of industry experience

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Data as of 06/30/2021