Intermediate Strategy


The Intermediate strategy is appropriate for investors seeking tax free income from a high quality intermediate strategy.  The goal of the strategy is to preserve capital and generate income free of federal income taxes.

Credit Quality Chart

Intermediate Strategy - Credit Quality Chart

Sector Chart

Intermediate Strategy - Sector Chart

State Chart

Intermediate Strategy - State Chart

Strategy vs. Benchmark Chart

Intermediate Strategy - Strategy vs. Benchmark Chart

Strategy Overview

The strategy consists primarily of investment grade securities with an overall modified duration range of  +/-20% to the benchmark (Barclays 7-Yr. Muni).  The foundation of our process rests on our independent, in-house credit research team, which enhances our value-based investment approach by identifying suitable credits currently undervalued in the marketplace.

Portfolio Management Team

Tom Bernardi, CFA – 5 years of industry experience
Daniel Data, CFA – 16 years of industry experience
John Tranas – 26 years of industry experience

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