BAM Awarded Manager of the Decade – High Income Municipal Bond Strategy

Northfield, IL February 2024 — Bernardi Asset Management’s (BAM) municipal High Income Strategy was awarded Manager of the Decade status by PSN within their US Fixed Income Universe. The PSN Top Guns Manager of the Decade list includes the top ten performers for the latest 10-year period.

This is the second year in a row the High Income municipal strategy was awarded Manager of the Decade!

“The Bernardi team is extremely proud to have a tax-exempt strategy recognized as standouts amongst our peers. This demonstrates the attractiveness of our approach to security selection, which is focused on principal preservation, essential service projects, and smaller-to-medium sized issuers. We look forward to building on this success and harnessing the advantages municipal bonds enable for client portfolios.”  -Tom Bernardi, CFA, CIPM and Director of Portfolio Management.

About BAM: Bernardi Asset Management specializes in separate account municipal bond portfolio management. Our firm builds customized fixed income portfolios for high-net-worth investors and their advisors. Our underlying strategy is focused on bottom-up security selection with an intense focus on credit research and optimizing portfolios for after-tax yield.

About PSN: For nearly four decades, PSN has been a top resource for investment professionals. Asset managers rely on Zephyr’s PSN to effectively reach institutional and retail investors. Over 2,800 firms, 285 universes, and more than 21,000 products comprise the PSN SMA database showing asset breakdowns, compliance, key personnel, ownership diversity, ESG, business objectives and strategy, style, fees, GIC sectors, fixed income ranges and full holdings. Unique to PSN is its robust historical database of nearly 40 Years of Data Including Net and Gross-of-Fee Returns. For more details on the methodology behind the PSN Top Guns Rankings or to purchase PSN Top Guns Reports, contact Robby Resendez at [email protected]  Visit PSN online to learn more.


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