Bernardi participates in webinar highlighting the efficiencies of tax-exemption

On Thursday, March 9th, approximately 50 industry groups representing issuers, investors, and state and local governments, participated in the MBFA/Court Street Group Research webinar on the Mismeasurement of the Municipal Tax-Exemption.

The Powerpoint presentation with audio can be viewed here

The webinar featured the commentary of:

  • Ron Bernardi, President & CEO, Bernardi Securities
  • George Friedlander, Managing Partner, Court Street Group Research
  • John Godfrey, Senior Government Relations Director, American Public Power Association

The webinar focused on the recent rhetoric from Hill meetings and reports around Washington on the purported inefficiencies of the tax-exemption. Our experts discussed why the municipal tax exemption is efficient, what the potential implications for municipals are in tax reform, and prospects for maintaining the tax-exemption in tax reform. 

Additional Materials:

  • To view the Powerpoint slides for the webinar (without audio) click here.
  • To view the JCT report from July 2012 click here