Support and Guidance for our Clients, Bernardi Team Members and Colleagues

Good afternoon everyone.

We are all experiencing unprecedented events and uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 health threat.

I am writing to provide a brief summary of actions we undertook last week to ensure our firm remains fully operational to serve our clients while protecting the safety and health of our valued staff.

Over the last handful of years, we have prepared and practiced a firm-wide contingency plan. Last week, we performed it – for real – when it mattered and the results were extraordinary for our clients and firm.

We are fully operational with portions of the Bernardi team working at our Chicago headquarters, two downstate offices while many team members are working remotely on a staggered rotation. Our contingency planning efforts and investment over many years is helping to ease uncertainty during these challenging times. Our response time may be a bit slower than the quick turn-around times you are accustomed to, but please bear with us if that occurs.

We have made adjustments to the plan and will continue to do so as we experience new, unprecedented events.

I am very proud of the Bernardi team: its professionalism, perseverance, diligence, common sense approach and its courage.

Our obligation is to take care of our clients and our employees. And that is exactly what we are doing and intend to do going forward.

Please call us with your questions and concerns. Our protocol may be different, but our aim to help you remains unchanged.

If you need to meet us in person, please call us in advance to schedule an appointment. We want to ensure we have appropriate staff on site to support your needs and we also want to act with an abundance of caution to ensure your safety and that of our staff.

There is more to come, no doubt and we continue to prepare for what we can reasonably expect. Rest assured, Bernardi will continue to work through this as a team: hour by hour, day by day, just as we have done since last week when markets became quite uncertain.

We will get through this – our nation is still developing. It is a land of remarkable resources, ingenuity and opportunity.

I thank you for your deep confidence in us.



Ronald P. Bernardi
President and CEO
Bernardi Securities, Inc.
March 17, 2020