Customer Protection Information

August 2012

To our Clients:

In recent months there have been a number of high profile failures of commodity investment firms. MF Global and Peregrine Financial have been in the news and are charged with misuse of customer funds.

These events highlight the differences in the way the commodities industry and the broker-dealer industry are allowed to operate via their respective regulators. Securities broker-dealers are regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) which have strict rules regarding the separation of customer funds and firm funds. Commodity brokers are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which has different rules.

As you may know, Bernardi Securities, Inc. clears through Pershing LLC, a division of the Bank of New York Mellon. This relationship allows us to focus on helping you manage your bond portfolio. Pershing provides custody and safekeeping services along with processing all cashiering, interest payment, security redemption, trade confirmation, and statement mailing functions.

Industry rules require Pershing LLC to segregate customer funds from its own assets. This means that your assets are not a part of Pershing’s operating or investment accounts. Pershing is required to keep sufficient net capital to assure the return of customer assets in the event of failure or liquidation.

Bernardi Securities, Inc. and Pershing are both members of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), a non-profit organization that provides coverage to investors if their brokerage firm becomes insolvent. It covers the replacement of missing securities and cash up to $500,000, with a limit of $100,000 for cash. Pershing provides additional account coverage through Lloyds of London which protects your assets up to an overall aggregate level of $1 billion for assets in the custody of Pershing.

We believe our clearing relationship with Pershing provides our customers with the highest level of protection available today. This agreement allows us to focus on our main mission-managing customer bond portfolios and providing high quality offerings. We do not have custody or access to customer funds and have no desire to seek it.

We hope this letter provides you with an additional level of comfort. Please feel free to contact me at (312) 281-2010 if you have any questions.


Sincerely yours,

Eric Bederman

Chief Operating & Compliance Officer


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Municipal bonds not FDIC insured * May lose principal * Not appropriate for all investors