MSRB Launches Outreach Effort for Issuers on the Municipal Securities Market

One  of the core values as stated in the “Mission and Values” Statement of Bernardi Securities, Inc. is our commitment to continually educate our clients and keep them abreast of new developments in the municipal bond market.  Therefore, we thought the following information may be useful to you.
As many of you know, certain contractual agreements entered into under SEC Rule 15c2-12 (the “Rule”) require ongoing disclosures by municipal securities issuers. These disclosures may include financial information, operational information and event notices disclosing the occurrence of specific events that may have an impact on an issuer’s outstanding bonds. These disclosures are to be provided to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”), and more specifically  MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (“EMMA”) website. These continuing disclosure requirements can be complicated and in response to municipal issuers’ requests the MSRB released additional guidance and tools to help issuers file correct and timely disclosures to the EMMA website.
The MSRB announced today it is launching an outreach effort to remind state and local governments about the free education resources and tools available to support their issuance of municipal bonds. The MSRB now operates an online Education Center and has scheduled a series of webinars and related communications over the next six months.  Below is the information pertaining to these new tools and educational resources.
We hope this is helpful. If you have difficulty accessing the MSRB site, please call and we can assist you with accessing.
Robert P. Vail
Senior Vice President & Director of Public Finance