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Market Review – Summer 2020

Please find below our portfolio management team’s Summer 2020 Municipal Market Review. This provides an overview of current market conditions and information about municipal strategies.  If you would like additional information about our outlook, process, or specific strategies, please let us know. Market Review – Summer 2020

Perspective for Advisors: Separately Managed Accounts Prove Their Worth

In March 2020, the COVID-19 crisis caused dislocations across world financial markets. The municipal market was not sheltered from this chaos. At the end of February, tax-free yields were sub-1% out to 11-year maturities. In mid-March, municipal bond prices plummeted, and index yields increased daily by 40-50 basis points. From March 11th to March 20th, […]

Finding Relative Value in the Municipal Market

Contagion risk is gripping society and financial markets alike. Year-to-date the S&P 500 is down nearly 15% while oil dropped 25% yesterday alone. Treasury bond yields have dropped precipitously and at one point every rung of the Treasury yield curve traded at a yield below 1%. The Fed attempted to provide reassurance on March 3rd […]

Market Update: June 30, 2016

By Thomas P. Bernardi We have provided some color about the current state of the bond market below: Worldwide interest rates have declined in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.  The bond market rally continued through Monday, June 27th, with the taxable 10-year U.S. Treasury yield declining to 1.43%.    The process of the UK […]